Enjoy the “Apostle’s Fireworks” as if you were there in Santiago the Compostela

August 3, 2015 | Shows

Thanks to 360º recording technology, you can now enjoy the “Fuegos del Apóstol 2015” show on your computer or mobile device as if you were there. The spectacle was staged last July 24th by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño in Obradoiro square in Santiago de Compostela.

In this edition, the show created by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño to commemorate the Day of Santiago (St James) was an immersive one for the first time. Different scenes were projected onto the building fronts around the square, combining light effects, fireworks, audiovisual projections and live music. So that you can also enjoy that sensation of immersion, ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño – in collaboration with the group’s Innovation, Environment and Quality Area – has launched a video with 360º technology and 4k quality that lets you relive the experience as if you were watching the show live in Obradoiro Square.

A recording and post-production system goes well beyond traditional video, as its innovative technology allows the viewer to enjoy the event in a dynamic and three-dimensional way. The screen turns into an extension of your eyes, allowing you to turn through 360º and focus on the different corners of the square as you enjoy the screening, the music and the fireworks.To do it, you simply need a computer or a mobile device with a gyroscope and an Internet connection (preferably high-speed Wi-Fi). Not only that, the experience is even more intense if you watch the 360º video with virtual reality glasses.

To enjoy the ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño show in the festivities in Santiago as if you were present in Obradoiro Square, follow the instructions below:

Instructions to enjoy a 360º experience of the event in the Festivities of Santiago 2015

· Connect your Smartphone or tablet to a Wi-Fi connection and check that ‘auto-brightness’ is disabled in Settings. Manually set it to 100%.

· Click on this link to see the complete show or this one to see the short version, and open it in the YouTube player. Check that the video quality is ‘maximum’ (2160p 4K ) on the bottom left icon.

1. Using a PC, a tablet or an iOS device (iPhone): Reproduce the video in YouTube using Google Chrome (full screen) and the mouse (or your finger if you are using a tablet), and move the image to enjoy the experience in 360º.

2. Using an Android mobile device: Select the full screen option and move your finger across the screen to move the image to what you want to see.

3. ) If you have a mid- or high-range Android device (with a gyroscope) or an iPhone with the ‘in360tube’ App and virtual reality glasses (ACCIONA Experience or Cardboard type): Load the video in the YouTube player (or in an iPhone – after pressing the URL button at the top, copy the video link), and you will see an icon with glasses appear. Click on the icon and the screen will automatically divide into two equal images. Put your glasses on, place the mobile device in the horizontal position, fix its position with the Velcro and press “Play” to visualize the content.

Enjoy the show!