Committed to Sustainability

September 1, 2015 | Events

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño is a company that designs, organizes and produces events in a sustainable manner, trying to maximize the reduction of its ecological footprint. Similarly, the aim is to maximize all those impacts or positive results that arise from the events.

As a result of our commitment to sustainability, since 2012 we have been developing ‘carbon neutral’ events for our clients. In these events an attempt is made to minimize CO2 emissions associated to their organization and celebration by means of preventive and corrective actions and then calculate the emissions generated that have been impossible to avoid by acquiring Voluntary Carbon Credits (VCS) in a clean energy program to neutralize them.

As such, the proposal for counting, auditing and compensation of GEI emissions is based on the guidelines and recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Convention Framework of the United Nations (UNFCCC), regulation ISO 14064:2006 and the Protocol for GEIs of WBSCD/WRI.

The main cause of the emissions generated during an event is the travel to the event of the attendees, organizers, speakers, and logistical services, as well as energy consumption required for air-conditioning, heating and lighting the venues used for the event. The importance of neutralising CO2 emissions lies in the fact that these emissions represent the greatest environmental impact of an event. Assuming responsibility for these emissions contributes towards improving our environmental legacy.

Nowadays 100% of the events organized by APD are ‘carbon neutral’ and, up to date, almost 600 tons of CO2 have been offset by these initiatives.

“Music Day” is an outstanding example of these measures. The festival was organized by the company which last year won the “Golden Medal” for Best European Sustainable Event in the European Best Events Awards 2013 and the “Bronze Medal” for Best Responsible Event in the Premios Eventoplus 2013. For the event, APD designed and implemented a sustainable production plan destined to reduce environmental impact and compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions.

APD has become a reference in the sector, not only for events like these, but also for its active participation in associations like GMIC (Global Meetings Industry Council), that promote economic, environmental and social sustainability of events worldwide. From January 2014, the company occupies the presidency of the Iberian Chapter of the GMIC which represents Spain and Portugal within the organization.