Taking part in AEVEA, Associated Agencies of Spanish Events

September 17, 2015 | Events

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño now forms part of AEVEA, Associated Agencies of Spanish Events.

Created at the beginning of 2015 and presently formed by 41 agencies, the association protects the interests of the sector and evaluates the services and activities that the agencies carry out. From its very beginning, AEVEA has worked to become a reference for the agencies, to transmit their needs and propose improvements.

Historically, the sector of events in Spain has lacked an association that could represent them juridically and institutionally. As such, the Association of Agencies of Spanish Events seeks global advantages for the companies that organize events and fights to protect them with a specific regulatory framework. Also among its objectives are to initiate agreements, collaborations and alliances with associations of events agencies in other countries and to create a forum to promote the exchange of ideas.

AEVEA functions for its members as a public platform where bad practices both internal and external of events agencies can be denounced and expose the so-called intrusionism that occurs in the sector.