Meeting with Seville’s Mayor to promote unique events in the city

April 5, 2016 | Events

The Mayor of Seville attended a meeting with ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) and other companies members of the association of Spanish Event Agencies (AEVEA) to promote unique experiences in the city.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) and other agencies members of AEVEA-Agencias de Eventos Españolas Asociadas met with the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas Cejas, and the manager of the city’s Tourism Consortium, Antonio Jiménez, to submit the concerns of the events sector and invite them to promote it for the benefit of their city.

Among the attendees were Dario Regattieri, from Eventisimo and President of AEVEA, Juan Antonio Aranda, APD’s Events director, Estrella Díaz, from Staff Eventos, Francisco Sánchez, from Grupo Abbsolute and Borja del Cuvillo, from Events&CO, who have conveyed to the public corporation their request for greater access to the most singular and symbolic infrastructures and buildings in Seville and the whole country.

As notified by the association, the objective is to make available public spaces of great artistic and architectural value, which are currently underused, that could yield significant profits to all the agents involved in the events sector. Thus, they have highlighted the importance that brands assign to differentiating and unique locations, places that can strengthen the originality of each event. Further, agencies are the city’s ideal partners to divulge and develop other areas such as culture or gastronomy and foster other sectors like tourism and entertainment, which themselves increase creative and economic opportunities. In addition, city halls obtain not only a return on their investment but also the promotion of the economy of local businesses and generate wealth in the adjoining areas. Finally, live communication on the street and in public spaces also translates as advertising for cities.

The Mayor of Seville and his government team have guaranteed their full disposition to participate in this new journey to create events and experiences in the capital city of Andalusia.

Cultural Engineering in Seville

In this respect, APD has created an important precedent, as the company responsible for the Christmas shows projected on the Plateresque façade of the Seville City Hall four years in a row, a success endorsed by over 500,000 viewers present each year and the two international awards received: the EuBea Silver Elephant for the Best Cultural Event and the Silver Medal for the Best Cultural Event in Spain and Portugal at the Eventoplus Awards.

Espectaculo de Navidad_AccionaAPD

Further, last Christmas, APD offered the people of Seville and its visitors three audio-visual shows arranged as a cultural and tourist itinerary through three symbolic public spaces, the Palace of San Telmo, the Alameda de Hercules avenue and Metropol Parasol. The project, under the title “Latidos de Luz” (Heartbeats of Light) was inspired by the world of opera and presented an innovative reinterpretation of some of the most famous operas linked to the city of Seville, making use of original audio-visual, light, stage and interactive resources.

Latidos de luz_AccionaAPD

Projects such as those developed for the Seville City Hall are part of what APD has termed “Cultural Engineering”, a concept that places the most cuttingedge visual and sensory technologies at the service of the dissemination of the history, traditions and values of a city or location to foster its cultural and tourism potential.