ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño attended an Event Sustainability Conference organised by the Cordoba City Hall

April 7, 2016 | Events

APD took part in a Sustainable Events Conference that aimed to guide Cordoba tourism companies on the road to sustainability.

The Cordoba Fundación Cajasol headquarters recently hosted the “Sustainable Events Conference”, a meeting organised by the Cordoba City Hall through the Cordoba Tourism Consortium and the city’s Provincial Association of Conference Organisers and to which APD was invited to share its experience in this field.

Aimed at all the institutional and social players and entrepreneurs of the tourism and cultural sector in Cordoba (responsible for the organisation of public events or the construction of venues for events, business associations and players in the field of event promotion and provision of products and services related to them), the objective was to guide them on the road to sustainability and to reveal the need to apply sustainability requirements to events from an economic, environmental and social standpoint.

The conference took place on March 30th and was opened by the first Deputy Mayor and Tourism Delegate of the Cordoba City Hall, Pedro García, the head of Business Relations of the Estudios Cajasol Institute, Álvaro Martínez, the President of the Cordoba Association of Conference Organisers, Vicente Serrano and the President of the Alliance of Cordoba Entrepreneurs, Antonio García.

Invited by the Tourism Consortium, Javier Sánchez, Strategy and Business Director at ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño, took part in a roundtable titled “Sustainable cities for sustainable events”, together with Ana Larrañaga, Director of FITUR, Manuel Macías, Manager of Sevilla Congress & Convention Bureau, and María Canivell, Director of OPC Lamar Eventos. The conference hosted a second debate titled “Can Cordoba compete as a city of sustainable events?” with a presentation by the Director of Ephymera Sostenibilidad and Eventsost Coordinator, Alberto Gómez, titled ‘How Batman inspires us to organise MORE sustainable events’.

The meeting delivered interesting conclusions, such as the need to establish collaborations between public and private entities to develop tourism and cultural events to benefit the city, but also a demand for faster decision making on the part of public institutions and bodies when implementing this type of project – as demanded by the markets, which require a fast response. In this sense, the discussion also mentioned the convenience of including sustainability criteria in the public tenders for such events and the importance of relying on sustainable infrastructures to provide support to the events. Further, emphasis was placed on an increasing demand and request for services, events and sustainable environments, not only from clients but also from the final consumer as user of such events. And finally, particular emphasis was placed on the responsibility and commitment that large companies have to raise awareness along the entire value chain during the event’s development process.

APD and ‘carbon neutral’ events

In this context, APD provided numerous examples of the company’s experience in the development of ‘cultural engineering’ projects, understood as the design of actions destined to highlight the value of a city’s historical and cultural heritage from the standpoint of sustainable development, that is, attending not only sustainability criteria but also seeking the maximum return from a social and economic point of view.

In reference to the main theme of the conference, Javier Sánchez explained how APD’s commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions has led the company to organise ‘carbon neutral’ events. The term ‘carbon neutral’ means that emissions associated with an event have a final balance of zero, calculating and offsetting, therefore, those which are unavoidable. Since 2013, a total of 875 tCOhave been offset through these mechanisms, using carbon credits that primarily promote the generation of renewable energy production and the sustainable development of deprived areas.

APD has become a reference in the event industry, pioneering, since 2012, the organisation of sustainable events, but furthermore for its active participation in associations such as the GMIC (Global Meetings Industry Council), the largest global group promoting sustainability in the MICE sector and whose Iberian Chapter –representing Spain and Portugal – presides over the company since 2014.

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