Trasmediterránea’s stand at Fitur, created by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño, has been awarded

January 23, 2017 | Events, Trade fairs & congresses

The stand has been awarded one of the 2017 Fitur Best Stand prizes. Trasmediterránea wins once more in the corporate category.

Once again ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) has been chosen to design, execute and mount the Trasmediterránea stand at Fitur.

The design of the stand evokes the idea of the shipping line’s movement and impulse towards a new era in the year of its centenary, with a large sculpture representing the wake left by a ship’s propeller and symbolising its sea-faring history.

On Friday 20 January 2017 Trasmediterránea was recognised as one of the best stands at the Fitur trade show in the corporate category. Miguel Pardo, Trasmediterránea’s Sales Director was presented with the prize by Ana Larrañaga, Director of Fitur, and David Solar, Jury Secretary.

Once more the shipping company has entrusted ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) to design and implement its 2017 Fitur stand, awarded Best Stand last year in the corporate category.

APD’s stand design was centred around a large sculpture that symbolises Trasmediterránea’s DNA helix, its sea-faring history represented as a ship’s propeller’s wake, and in line with the idea of movement, of routes, of the impulse of a great shipping line towards a new era in the year of its Centenary.

The proposal was based on a geometric composition of beautiful curves and inclined planes with clear nautical references that envelope this imposing sculpture and generate great visibility for the stand.

In addition, in the stand –which celebrated the first Centenary of the shipping company-, the element of time was underlined by engraving each one of the 100 years of history of Trasmediterránea since 1917, on to 100 timber masts that create a double inclined curve to symbolise a ship’s bow deck.

The 195 m2 of space included information and communication areas, corporate representation, work, press, leisure and storage areas, designed in accordance with accessibility, usability and sustainability criteria.

Fitur 2016: Best Stand in the Corporate Category

APD was responsible for the design, implementation and set up of the 2016 Fitur Trasmediterránea stand. It was awarded one of the Best Stand prizes in the corporate category. The design was a floating stage of 2017 nautical ropes of different lengths, symbolically called “the great wave of time”, and which summarised the spirit of the shipping line the year before its centenary.

In addition, Trasmediterránea entrusted APD with the design of the logo for the 1917-2017 Centenary and the website to commemorate the event: