ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño leaves its mark at SIMOF 2017, the International Flamenco Fashion Show

February 7, 2017 | Trade fairs & congresses

This year, SIMOF 2017 premiered a new location at the Seville Convention Centre Fibes II and introduced an innovative new design in association with ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño. 

Held from 2 to 5 February, the conference gathered more than 65,000 people and 32 professional catwalks, 44 designers and the young designers’ competition.

This year, the 23rd edition of the International Flamenco Fashion Show, SIMOF 2017, held from 2 to 5 February in Seville, had a brand new and innovative design signed by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD). The key change in APD’s design was the new location at the Fibes II Convention Centre, a venue with natural light and easier accessibility than the Fibes I building where the show had been held since its inception.

The new location included an ample area annexed to the main lobby with all-round visibility, the chosen place for an exhibition area with several stands and a space for fashion shows called SIMOF Ego, destined for presentations by new designers.

One the novelties introduced this year is the presentation of all professional catwalk shows in the great FIBES Auditorium, abandoning the previous format of the show, set up in a pavilion of the Fibes I building. Thus, the Auditorium allowed for up to 1000 guests to enjoy the shows from the seating area and the stage itself, creating a suggestive pairing between the catwalk and the audience.

SIMOF 2017 also debuted an entertainment and activities area for sponsors to carry out their corporate and communication events, located on the ramp accessing the building, free of charge. Another appealing aspect of the show was Nocturnal SIMOF, an outdoor terrace area that included projections on the façade of the Fibes II building.

Finally, APD also designed a communication action to act as a publicity campaign, in the form of a series of large fans, 4m wide by 2m high, strategically placed throughout the city of Seville.


SIMOF 2017 in numbers

This year, SIMOF 2017’s exhibition area was larger, organised by FIBES and fashion and communication services agency Doble Erre, with more than 80 stands, 32 professional catwalks, 46 designers/brands and over 1400 flamenco dresses, in addition to the New Designers’ Competition. The event exceeded the public’s expectations, with record numbers of visitors reaching 65,000 people. An important aspect of the great turnout were the international and, particularly, Asian visitors. In addition, this year’s visitors have remained longer at the venue each day, attending more than one catwalk show.
The show was opened by Antonio Muñoz, representative of the Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism Area of the Seville City Council; Gaspar Llanes, Economy General Secretary of the Junta of Andalucía and president of Extenda, the Agency for the International Promotion of Andalucía; Jesús Rojas, FIBES manager and Raquel Revuelta, director of the agency Doble Erre.