The Museum of the Future permanently opens its doors to the public after the EXPO-2017 Astana

November 13, 2017 | Expo pavilions, Museums

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño created a 2,400 m2 exhibition area on the first floor, and one dedicated to hydraulic energy on the second floor. 

Two months after the EXPO-2017 Astana, the spectacular eight-floor sphere housing the Kazakhstan National Pavilion and the Museum of the Future will reopen its doors to the public. ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño developed a large part of the Pavilion’s exposition area.

Under the theme “Future Energy”, the 2017 Universal Exhibition was intended to spark discussions and raise awareness about the role of energy as an inherent asset to humanity, which must be used responsibly and efficiently. About 4 million people visited the EXPO, which was held between 10 June and 10 September, with the participation of more than 115 countries.

With the event over, starting 11 November, the EXPO area will be used for a permanent tourist area which will include the Nur Alem Museum of the Future, the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan, two thematic pavilions, one dedicated to ‘Future Energy’ and the other to ‘Nuclear Energy World’, as well as the Best Practices Area and the Pavilion of Creative Energy (Art Center), all being integrated into the daily activity of the city of Astana.

In addition, its work on the Kazakhstan Pavilion, APD designed and implemented the Spanish Pavilion and carried out the technical development and implementation of the exhibition area of the United Arab Emirates Pavilion.

Kazajstan: Nur Alem (‘Future Energy’)

The world’s largest spherical construction –80 metres in diameter, 100 metres in height and 8 stories– became the heart of the EXPO.

Its first floor was home to the Kazakhstan National Pavilion. The remaining seven floors made up the Museum of the Future, dedicated to different energy sources.

The first level, divided into two large areas, is an introduction to Kazakhstan: its culture, traditions, environmental resources and the innovative energy projects being implemented in the country.

There is a large-format video-mapping show projected on the inside of a 45x14x7.5m dome, using more than 50 laser projectors. The audio-visuals are synchronized with an interactive show, teaching visitors more about the famous Kazakh legend of Bayterek.

APD also executed the exhibition on the second level of the “Sphere” dedicated to hydraulic energy, which occupies a total area of 800 m2. In this area, visitors can find different ways of using water, from a replica of the ancient Hama mill and play games for the younger visitors to the most innovative technologies using wave and tidal energy, highlighting the potential of water as a source of energy in the future.

In total, there are more than 30 audio-visual elements and 9 interactive resources, along with 1700 m2 of projection, all carried out by APD, working to take the visitors through time and space.

Spanish Pavilion and United Arab Emirates Pavilion

At the 2017 Astana Expo, APD was responsible for the design and execution of the Spanish Pavilion (868 m2). In addition, APD worked on the assembly, technical development and execution of the exhibition area (1000 m2) and the VIP area (650 m2) at the United Arab Emirates Pavilion, which was recognized at the “2017 Expo Awards” with an Honourable Mention in the “Editor’s Choice” category by Exhibitor magazine.