ACCIONA Pavilion


Surface area: 1,065 m²
Services:  Design, production and technical operation

Bureau International des Expositions
Medalla de Oro, Mejor Pabellón

World Media Festival
Intermedia-Globe Gold 2009

Red dot Design Award
Red dot Design Award, Communation Design

Art Director’s Club
Art Director’s Club Award 2009

The design of the pavilion is based on the concept of a spiral, symbol of transformation and is divided into three exhibition zones: Earth, Water and Air.

The Earth Zone represents a large crevice from which emerges numerous daily objects and slowly narrows, crushing the visitor and transmitting the need for change. The Water Zone is an interactive area that responses to the visitor’s action and whose object is to raise awareness of the need to act together to achieve significant changes in our surroundings. The Air Zone, formed by a landscape of suspended spheres, shows ACCIONA’s activities in their bid for sustainable development.