Al-Shaheed Park Museums

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Date: 2016
ClientAl-Diwan Al-Amiri
Surface area: Remembrance Museum: 900 m² - Habitat Museum: 2,500 m²
Services: Technical development and museographic implementation

The Remembrance and Habitat Museums showcase the history of Kuwait and its natural resources and ecosystems in a permanent exhibition with a total surface area of over 3,400 m2. ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño, based on the design by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, has introduced technological innovations to these museums to create interactive and educational environments, dominated by cutting edge audio-visual resources such as large format screens, immersive audio-visual presentations and hyper-realist recreations.

The museums are located within the Al-Shaheed Park, a new natural leisure and cultural centre that is part of the “green belt” connecting old Kuwait City with the new areas of urban development.