Annual Bestinver Investors Conference

CORPORATE EVENT - Madrid and Barcelona, Spain

Date: 2007 to 2018
Client: Bestinver

The purpose of the conference is to let investors know the results of the company, which is dedicated to the management of investment funds. The event, attended each year by more than 2000 people in Madrid and Barcelona, is carried out by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño in an integral manner, undertaking as much the design and production as the overall coordination.

In recent years, APD has chosen to use a large-format screen for the staging of the event, as it permits the stage an infinite number of aspects, varying the design in function with the theme being discussed at every moment.

This innovative form of communication is possible thanks to using BARCO projectors which have 20,000 lumens and to an important audiovisual production with animations in 3D, technical resources that inject tremendous dynamism into the event.