Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

Yekaterinburg, Russia 

Date: 2015
Client: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center Foundation
Surface area: 2.286 m²
Services: Technical development and museographic implementation

European Museum Forum
Kenneth Hudson Award 2017

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center is a multi-purpose center that combines socio-cultural, commercial and leisure activities. ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño is responsible for the museographic implementation of the permanent exhibition dedicated to the figure of Boris Yeltsin as first president of the Russian Federation.

Representative artefacts from that period, original objects and documents that belonged to Boris Yeltsin are complemented by a large number of audiovisual and interactive productions. The scenographic recreations reconstruct key areas in the creation of contemporary Russia such as the Kremlin office (with its original furniture), the Politburo meeting room and a barricade that reconstructs the attempted coup of August 1991.