Crockery and Tiles of Triana. Carranza Collection

PERMANENT EXHIBITION - Real Alcazar. Seville, Spain

Date: 2011
Client: ICAS. Institute of Culture and the Arts of Seville
Surface area: 240 m²
Services: Design, technical development and museographic execution

Through an enveloping design, the exhibition elegantly adapts itself to the historical venue, the Admiral’s quarters of the Real Alcazar of Seville.

The novel museographic proposal, designed and integrally produced by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño, takes as its central starting point respect for the constructive values of the historical venue. The exhibition gathers together a hundred ceramic objects donated to the city of Seville by Vicente Carranza. The pieces are organized in three periods: Muslim and Mudejar ceramics, Renaissance ceramics and Baroque ceramics, to show the particular techniques and procedures of each period, the materials and iconographic symbolism of these Sevillian productions.