Fátima-Tempo de Luz

MULTIMEDIA SHOW – Fátima, Portugal

Date: 2017
Client: Sanctuary of Fátima
Services: Design, production and technical operation

The “Fátima-Tempo de Luz” show, an innovative audiovisual presentation that combined videomapping projections with 3D effects, light effects and an original soundtrack, put the finishing touch on the Centenary celebrations of the Apparitions in the Sanctuary of Fátima.

The facade of the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Fátima, at 140 metres wide and 58 metres tall, formed a projection screen of 3,100 m2, converted into the narrative axis of a story that recalled its evolution over the last hundred years. The façade of the Basilica reconstructed the most important historical and spiritual landmarks related to the appearance of the Virgin Mary in the Cova da Iria.

The show is developed around the experience of the thousands of pilgrims who visit the Sanctuary each year and consisted of seven scenes: “The reflection of the light of God”, “The Immaculate and Triumphant Heart of Mary leads to God”; “The Church sings the Message of Fatima”; “The Path of the Pilgrims”; “In Fatima, we hear a message of peach for the world”; “In Fatima we celebrate God, who is close to us”; and “In Fatima, we illuminate our heart”.

For the audiovisual projection, 22 projectors were used, with a total power of 580,000 lumens and a resolution of 15,900 pixels. Likewise, the show had a total installed power of 137,200 watts of sound and 16,800 watts of light.