Kazakhstan Pavilion


Date: 2017
Client: SML Sembol Construction

Surface area:
Level 01 National Pavilion: 2,400 m2
Level 02 Water Power: 800 m2

Services: Production and technical maintenance

The total area of Astana EXPO-2017 exhibition complex is 174 hectares.

The main building of EXPO is the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan, constructed in the form of a 8-levels glass sphere laying over an organic shaped base. Each of the levels is dedicated to one of the most significant energy creation technologies.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) is responsible for implementing the first level, in the base of the Sphere, with an exhibition area of 2.400 m2, which is dedicated to Kazakhstan, the country hosting the International Exposition. The company is also in charge of the exhibition area of 800 m2 about the Water Energy, located in the second level.

The zone of insight into Kazakhstan shows the beauty of the country nature, highlighting topics related to culture, traditions and projects about future energy of Kazakhstan. This exhibit consist on a huge multimedia mapping in the inside of a dome. The main audiovisual is choreographed with an interactive show about the famous Bayterek Myth.

In the Water Power area, the visitors will find several techniques, from replica of Hama ancient water mill, hands-on activities for kids, to the most innovative technologies of tidal and wave energy harnessing the importance and potential of water as a source of energy of the future.