Museum of CajaGRANADA Memories of Andalusia

Granada, Spain

Date: 2009
Client: CajaGRANADA
Surface area: 3,860 m²
Services: Design, technical development and museographic execution

European Museum of the Year Award 2011
Special Commendation

A balanced interactive-scenographic design and history unite to explaining the roots and culture of Andalusia.

The four rooms that make up the museum share the same museographic resources and are dedicated to a specific theme: the Earth, the Villages, the People and the Arts and Culture. A time line of more than 40 meters runs through each room, defining a “period” in Andalusian history. Four spectacular 36-meter panoramic screens “Landscapes of Memory” define the context for each room. Glass cases with objects representative of Andalusian society and large scenographic tables con tactile elements, textures and models complete the balance between the “audiovisual” and the “physical” in each room.