Africa, Caribbean Countries, Egypt, Madrid, Russia and the Plaza of America Pavilions


Client: State Society for Expo 92, Government of Mexico, Government of Saudi Arabia, State Society for the Pavilion of Spain S.A., Junta de Andalucía, Government of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Junta de Castilla La Mancha and Government of Cantabria.

Services: Design, production and technical operation

The Expo´92 marked the beginning of ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño, that started in 1990 to provide specialized services to the important international event.

Parallel to the creation and execution of the exhibition contents of the Pavilions of Africa, the Caribbean Countries, Egypt, Russia, Madrid and the Plaza of America, APD carried out many other works. Some of the most outstanding were:

the design and production of the exhibition contents for the Museum “The Gold of America” in the Pavilion of Plaza of America; the creation of the scenography for the Pavilion of Mexico; the design and execution of the exhibition areas for the Pavilion of Spain; design and execution of the rooms of Tourism and Leisure in the Pavilion of Andalusia; design and execution of the scenography and audiovisuals for the Pavilion of Castilla-La Mancha; scenographic production of the portico for the Pavilion of Saudi Arabia; reproduction of the Altamira Cave and the film “Cantabria: The discovery of a región” for the Pavilion of Cantabria; project and construction of the interiors for the Pavilion of the Discoveries and for the Pavilion of the Arts; design, theming and scenography of the show “Azabache”; design, production and operation of the multimedia show “Fiesta Noche” in the Lake of Spain and technical operation, maintenance and installations for the shows in El Palenque.