Russia Pavilion


Client: Inconect Group LCC
Surface area: 1,024 m²
Services: Design, production and technical operation

Bureau International des Expositions
Silver Medal for Best Pavilion

Exhibitor Magazine
People’s Choice Award

Multimedia resources and interactives perfectly combine with the contents for visitors to live authentic sensorial experiences.

The main object of the Pavilion of Russia is to show the history of the Arctic and also show in an educational manner the progress in the relationship between man and the ocean: feeling low temperatures in the great ice tunnel; experiencing the movement of the sea from the prow of the ship; enjoying a virtual deep sea dive or using the control panel of an Icebreaker. The most impressive part of this pavilion of ice was the experience visitors had of being submerged in the oceanic world thanks to a surface of images in 3D projected on the floor, walls and ceiling.