Saudi Arabia Pavilion


Client: Saudi Commission, Expo 2010
Surface area: 3,300 m²
Services: Design, production and technical operation

Bureau International des Expositions
Medalla de Oro, Mejor Pabellón

Red dot Design 
Red dot Design Award, Best of the Best 2010

International Forum Design
iF Communication Design Award 2011

New York Festival 2011
Bronze World Medal

Art Director’s Club
Art Director´s Club Award 2011

An audiovisual show that surrounds the visitor in a sea of projected images on concave walls 1,600 m², the largest project surface in the world to date.

The pavilion evokes the figure of a ship, symbol of the historical commercial relationship between Saudi Arabia and China. A ramp ascends gently in a spiral shows the view and connects access to the exhibition floor, the roof-top terrace and the exit. Once on the exhibition audiovisual floor, the visitors are taken to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a magical and amazing form by a multi-projection in large format “TheTreasure”, an unprecedented show that surrounds them in a sea of very beautiful images projected on the concave walls of the interior hull of the boat-pavilion, a record projection surface of 1,600 m², the largest in the world to date.