Spain Pavilion


Date: 2017
Client: Acción Cultural Española
Surface area: 868 m2
Services: Design, production and technical maintenance

Designed around a large central square acting as a distributor to all other areas, the Spanish Pavilion is a metaphor of the “global village” we currently inhabit. Defined by the leitmotiv “Spain, Energy for the Planet”, the pavilion presents the richness of renewable resources in Spain, its innovative and pioneering potential of its companies in the world, the problem of climate change and the need to treat the planet and its sources of energy in a responsible manner.

Coordinated by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), it has been devised by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) and Frade Arquitectos, following a creative, conceptual, evocative and metaphorical design in substance, and an educational and informative design in form. The exhibition contents include five audio-visual productions in different styles, from the immersive experience to more educational ones or more emotional in nature, making up a total projection surface of 116m2.

The outside façade symbolises the role of energy in the development of civilisations, from the discovery of fire onwards, based on a graphic work by Alberto Corazón. Inside, an explanatory mural and an audio-visual feature welcomes visitors with a presentation of Spanish renewable energy projects from around the world.

Once inside, around the main square, there are three spaces shaped as houses placed around a tree that comes to life and follows its life cycle, a symbol of the necessary equilibrium between human beings and Nature.