“The Giant of the 7 Seas” and “Dreams of summer nights”

SHOW AND STREET PARADE  - Barcelona, Spain

Date: 2004
Client: The 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures Barcelona

The 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona is an international event in which ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño participated in numerous projects. Among those which stood out the most are a show and a night-time street parade.

“The Giant of the 7 seas” is a show which fuses various arts (flying trapeze, vertical dancing, trampoline, nets and acrobats on wheels) composed of more than 110 artists who performed in 4 daily shows before an audience of 3,000 people. The street parade “Dreams on summer nights” covers the area for the daily closing of the Forum. Formed by 3 spectacular caravans with independent itineraries, the scenes converge at a space where the final parade takes place.