Wu Kingdom Helv Relic Museum

Wuxi, China

Date: 2014
Client: WuXi Capital Wu Helv Site Development Co., ltd
Surface area: 400 m²
Services: Design, technical development and museographic execution

Art Directors Club (ADC)
ADC Award 2015. Spatial Communication/Media Projection

Red dot Design 
Red dot Design Award, Communication Design 2014

International Forum Design 
iF Gold Award 2015. Interior Architecture 

New York Festivals 2015
Silver World Medal

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño has designed a spectacular audiovisual with the largest immersive and interactive screen in the world up to date: 650 m².

The multi-media installation has capacity for 3,840 visitors a day. It is formed by 400 m² interactive floor and a 250 m² projection screen that transport the visitor on a journey through the history of the legendary kingdom of Wu.