The volume of the company’s business in the Middle East has increased considerably in the last few years with projects in Qatar, Oman and Kuwait.


The fervent activity abroad of ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño and its figures are a clear sign of how a company is capable of adapting itself to the times and grow, even in adverse circumstances: last year, contracts for new projects outside Spain made up 85% of total billing, indicating an increase of 25% with respect to fiscal year 2012.

Branch opening in Oman

Even though the company has always had d clear international vocation, and its path outside our borders is nothing new – working in countries as dissimilar as –Brazil, Japan, China, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Rumania or the UK to cite only a few – now is when the company sees its activity, increasing notably in the Middle East, accomplishing one of the objectives of extending its international reach. For this reason, it is highly significant that the company has recently opened a branch in Oman, by which APD seeks to secure its presence in the area and achieve solid and continuous growth in its operations.

Wide-ranging cultural projects

Since 2012, ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño has been present almost continually in countries such as Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. Emblematic projects like the National Museum of Oman, where the company is working at present, are testimony that its business model – dedicated to wide-ranging cultural projects that have given it so much international recognition – remains faithful to its origins.  

Notable mention is Qatar, where the company has had extensive experience, having carried out various temporary exhibitions for the Orientalist Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA). The most recent,“Hajj, the Journey through Art”, closed at the beginning of 2014, beating records for the MIA’s most visited temporary exhibition.
However, its link with country doesn’t end there; besides being selected for the final phase of the tender for the National Museum of Qatar, it is nowimmersed in the finalphaseof the executionof theMsheired Downtown Doha Heritage Houses, a permanent project consisting of four themed museums dedicated to the region’s heritage.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Russia is another of the markets on the Asiatic ontintent where APD has been working for some time. So far, it has carried out the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, one of the largest Jewish Museums in the world, inaugurated in 2012. At present, it is participating in the project for the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, a museum dedicated to the figure of the president of the Federation of Russia.